Take your business to the next level.  Join us today and make it happen. 

Whatever stage you and your business are at, you’ll benefit from the support of a like-minded group of non-competing businesses.

Take your business to the next level.
Join us today and make it happen.

Being a Hive Thinking member, means that you’ll benefit from the support of a like-minded group of non-competing businesses. You’ll get proper advice from those that have experienced similar issues to your own.  You’ll get a different perspective from a group of people who want you to succeed.

“If I have seen further
it is by standing on
the shoulders of giants.”
Sir Isaac Newton, 1675

Get the support you need to make your business a success.

All the members of your Hive, and your Hive Thinking Coach will strive to support you.  We’ll help you get you and your business where you want to be.

How do Hives work?

Hives are groups of supportive, non-competing business-people who meet monthly to share knowledge and experience.  There’s a collective strength which will empower you to make stronger decisions.  The variety of opinions and challenges are what makes being part of a Hive so powerful.

“No person will make a great
business who wants to do it
all himself or
get all the credit.”
Andrew Carnegie

“An organization’s ability
to learn, and translate that
learning into action
rapidly, is the ultimate
competitive advantage.”
Jack Welch

Get a ready-made business support network.

As business people we all have varied strengths. Being part of a Hive will give you the opportunity to benefit from the strength of others as well as sharing your own expertise.

We each bring a problem to the group and have really good discussions.  Lots of ideas are generated and then you can choose which to move forward with.  I’d recommend Hive Thinking to any business owner who’s looking for new ideas, or a new direction or just looking for support from a diverse group of people who are committed to supporting you.

Adrian, The V-Spot

It’s very different to a networking-style meeting.  A Hive looks at the problems you have and sharing your views and learning from each other, even though you’re in different fields.

Gill, Percurra

We each come with a problem that we’re experiencing at the moment and it’s great to get the experience of others in the group.  The direction and flow of the Hives are great and the ideas flow.  It’s given me a fantastic opportunity to get the support of other members and I’d recommend it to anybody.

Lee, Millbank Financial Services

We’d love to hear from you

To find out how Hive Thinking can support you, please get in touch.  We’ll explain more about how Hives work in practice and be happy to answer your questions.

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