Hive Thinking Derby: Kim Lawler

What’s your favourite thing about running Hive Thinking?

I’ve loved getting to know different business owners in the local community and working with them on both a personal and professional level. Seeing them come out of a ”survival” mode mindset and into growth mode is so rewarding to watch.
Throughout my time as a Coach with Hive Thinking I have realised the power of the strategic business planning resources and the ROI it gives members when turning ideas into action.
Some business owners can sit for years on an idea and our community helps these ideas come to life.

What led you to Hive Thinking? 

With a degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, having run 2 businesses myself and lectured in Sustainability and Business Ethics, joining Hive Thinking as a Business Coach felt like a great environment to bring my own experiences and expertise together.

My business experience gives me a huge insight into the rollercoaster ride that a business owner embarks on. It is never a linear path and being able to empathise and support a business owner, whilst developing a realistic roadmap to achieving their goals has proven to be really helpful to those I work with.

What’s your favourite business quotation?

I love Chase Jarvis and find his words quite blunt but appropriate.

“A fresh idea will always be more appealing than the grind of a project that’s already under way. The insidious thing about a new idea is that it feels productive to stop what we’re doing and tackle that instead. After all, we’re creative – we have to act when inspiration strikes, don’t we? The discipline lies in getting the new idea down onto paper and then going back to finish what you originally started.”
— Chase Jarvis