What is a Hive?
A hive is a group of about 6-8 business-people who meet monthly to support each other to develop themselves and their businesses.  The businesses are non-competing and the discussions around the table are confidential.

Who is Hive Thinking for?
We run Hives for a variety of businesses.  From multi-million pound turnover businesses to SMEs.  If you’re looking for an experienced sounding-board who will (in the nicest way) hold you to account, please get in touch to find out more.

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What’s expected of me?
You’ll join in with our monthly meetings, and catch-up with your Hive Thinking Coach every month.  We ask for openness and honesty within the Hive as well as keeping the discussion confidential.

What’s the process to join a Hive?
Following an initial phone call, you’ll meet up with your Hive Thinking Coach (either virtually or in-person) and we’ll assess what you want to get from being a member of a Hive and discuss what you’ll take to your first Hive.  You’ll be able to ask any questions you have and decide whether you want to take the next step to go along to a Hive.

Is there a contract?
We’re so confident that you’ll get a huge benefit from being part of your Hive, that we don’t have a  long-term tie-in,  All we ask is for you to give a month’s notice should you need to leave.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, can I still join a Hive?
Of course.  Our meetings can be joined both virtually and in-person.

Who leads each meeting?
The Hives are led by an experienced Hive Thinking Coach.  Their role is to keep the meeting on track and to make sure that everyone gets the support they need.

Can a competitor join my Hive?
No.  We ensure that Hives only contain non-competitive businesses.

How many members are there in each Hive?
There’s approximately 6-8 people in each Hive.

What is the format of a Hive?
Each person will have a set time to introduce a current dilemma or issue for them, fellow Hive members can then ask clarifying questions. Your fellow Hive members will then offer suggestions and advice.  You’ll then decide which aspects to take-away.  Your Hive Thinking Coach will ensure that you’ll report back on the issue and your response at the next meeting.

Can I try a Hive before I decide to become a member?
Yes, you’ll be very welcome to try-before-you buy.

How long do I have to be a member for?
There’s no long-term tie in at all.

How much does Hive Thinking membership cost?
We base our monthly fee on your business-turnover and we’ll be able to let you know when we chat.