You’ll belong to a group of like-minded people, all with different backgrounds, businesses and experience.

Grow your business

We know the challenges that businesses face, whether it be staffing, getting more customers or cashflow.  Having people around you who have experienced similar problems and developed solutions will enable you to get a variety of opinions and experience.  You can then make decisions based on real-life advice and experience, rather than theory.

Personal Development

What makes Hive Thinking special is that the advice and mentoring is tailored specifically to your needs.  You’ll have contact with your Coach between meetings which will enable you to get the most out of the monthly Hives.

Expand and support your network

You’ll make lasting business relationships and increase your exposure to a variety of people and businesses. Although Hive Thinking is not a networking group, we find that having a group of people who are on your side and want you to succeed can bring many of the benefits of networking.

High level collaboration

We carefully select the right people for each Hive so you can be sure that you will be amongst people with varied business experience.  We ensure that Hive members have non-competing businesses and each person will bring experience which complements your own.

Be part of a community

Being part of a confidential, supportive network will lead you to receive support.  Together, you will overcome challenges and help each other to set realistic goals to develop your businesses.  Not only will you benefit from the experience of others, you will also get a clearer picture of your own strengths and expertise.